The earth is the ground where you walk. It is a ball that you can distinguish when you see a boat leaving very far away or when you see earth’s shadow on the moon that revolves around the earth. The earth is a cold planet because its soil is cold.

But at first the earth was warm. It is said that it was magmatic, because the planet’s warm soil is called magma. Now the magma is hiding under the ground and making the ground moving. This is because magma is not solid and moves. This gives the earthquakes. France has few earthquakes.

We split the earth in two. There is the north and the south. The equator separates the north and the south. The equator is an imaginary line that bisects the earth in an imaginary way. The north is located above the equator and the south below it in an imaginary way.

The earth emits a magnetic field. A magnetic field is an invisible force, that is to say something that makes compasses move. A compass contains a needle that moves between north and south. The compass’ needle points north for its top needle. We put a N on the top needle and a S on the bottom needle. The compass also emits a magnetic field that aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field.

The earth has seas and lands. There is more sea than land on earth. The lands are organized into continents. A continent is a land surrounded by water. There are 4 or 5 continents. Continents encompass their countries, i.e. borders containing nations, people with the same concerns.

Africa is a continent. America is a continent that contains the countries like the United States, Canada, Mexico in the North, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and other South American countries in the south. Eurasia contains the continents Europe and Asia. Europe wanted to stand out from Asia. Eurasia contains, for example, the countries France, Russia and China. The continent Oceania was created, which contains the islands of the Pacific Sea. Oceania contains the country Australia for example.

The earth is therefore a planet that humans share. But we don’t know every life that is on earth. For example, only a tiny part of the sea is known, which is hidden in its depths. The seas are very deep. It’s like inverted mountains.

My Notes

Look at the country where you live on a map.