What is Space ?
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Article published on 3 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Space is a place where you can move into. Otherwise it would be nothingness. It may seem quite normal that we can move in space. But the fact that there is a vacuum in the universe does not necessarily mean that we can move. To move you have to live so be aware that you are moving. So space exists because life exists.

Perhaps there is an universe where space is not composed of emptiness. Thus the space where life is born is undoubtedly composed of matter for life to born. Life is miraculous and rare in the primordial universe. I think only God can create souls.

So life needs a space to live. Our space needs air that we can use it without difficulty.

Space is also the universe’s emptiness. The void gives way to an infinite space allowing life to unfold. Humans are made to go into space.

My Notes

Write a poem about infinite space.