What is the Solar System ?
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Article published on 3 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The solar system is the nine planets and their moons that revolve around the sun. We don’t know how our solar system was formed.

Earth is the third planet in the solar system. As seen in the photo, it is small.

It was believed that the planets could not move around the stars. Indeed, there is a star’s organization to create a planets’ system.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. The temperature there is unsustainable, so unsustainable that we believe that there is no life on Mercury.

Venus is between Mercury and Earth. We believe that it sheltered life. But the probes last a short time on it because the atmosphere is very heavy. Venus rotates very slowly. It would be very difficult to live there because we would go from very hot to very cold for a long time.

Mars is between the Earth and Jupiter. It is believed that Mars was a home to life. A lot of rovers are on Mars. So you can find lots of Mars’ pictures, but also some of solar system’s other planets.

Jupiter is between Mars and Saturn. Jupiter is a gas giant. So it contains a lot of gas and you can’t get a foothold without sinking into the planet. It is believed that some of its satellites could harbor life.

Saturn is also a gas giant. It is also believed that some of its satellites could harbor life.

Uranus is between Saturn and Neptune. It’s a frozen gas giant. That is, the gases are icy and can break under the feet’s pressure. There are about ten moons around Uranus. It is believed that there may be life in it.

Neptune is also a frozen gas giant. It is before the ninth planet that we see it with the planets’ displacements, but that we have not yet found. Neptune is four times the size of the Earth but it is the smallest gas planet.

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