What is the Starry Sky ?
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Article published on 3 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

When there is dark night we can see the starry sky. Otherwise, only the brightest star is seen, if there is no cloud.

The starry sky is the universe that you see at night. But we also know that there is a universe that we do not see. Indeed, the stars hide other stars. Really the universe is infinite. There is our universe that we do not fully see and the universe that we do not know.

It is believed that there are even multiple universes, so multiverse. Our universe needs another universe to order itself. So a universe acts on our universe to organize gravity, the force that makes us attracted to the earth.

Our universe has multitudes of galaxies. We are in the Milky Way galaxy, because when we look at the sky at dark night, we see a white trace in the sky. This white trace are stars.

There are a stars’ multitude in a galaxy. So the white lights and the white trace that you see in the night are stars. We group the stars into virtual entities, because these stars are together.

There are planets around the stars. So that’s a lot of planets. It is believed that there is life on some planets. The other stars planets’ cannot be seen with the naked eye.

But there are fewer white stars, or white dwarfs, like ours, than there are red stars, or red dwarfs. But red dwarfs are unstable and prevent life like the one we know.

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Create your sky map with a printer or thanks to an astronomy club.