The Universe is Creating
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Article published on 2 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The fact that life exists is due to universe that we know to create life. Not only life is a creation of the universe, but also we discover that there are more and more galaxies especially among the smallest. The universe is expanding organizing, because large galaxies create instability in the universe. Large stars have a short life and easily create black holes.

If you meet scientists, some will tell you that the universe is going to a death where there would be no more energy, when, however, it is possible to generate energy with any atom, according to Einstein. If we look into the science’s history, we see that even Pasteur, a scientist who believed deeply in humans, did not believe enough in the creative universe’s abilities. He had thus forgotten that he was an universe’s creation.

The French entropic current is based on a quote by Lavoisier: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". This dogma still learned at school can contradict itself very easily: If nothing is created, how can something exist? Also it is known that, if there was no energy at all, the atoms should therefore no longer move. However, it is very difficult to make the atoms static by bringing them to 0 ° Kelvin. So we should be in a universe without energy, where energy would act.

The entropic current consists to say that universe is chaos, governed by transformations’ laws, which should have brought life by chance. Yet scientists tell you that the probability to create life by chance does not stand up. It’s as if man made his discoveries like Newton, with an apple on his head. Yet he copied Kepler. Many scientists are mistaken in relying on their senses. Yet, with the abstraction mind’s abilities, we can rise through experiences and assumptions.

To be a good scientist, you have to do politics and be involved in it. This makes it possible not to be oriented by others. We then use his truth’s research, which asks to find answers, consciously or unconsciously. Many bad scientists capture the budgets of finance. Finance wants to demonstrate that resources are becoming scarce. Thus they hide the thorium’s discovery, abundant energy, very stable and ecological thanks to the MYRRHA project and the lasers of the Nobel Prizes in Physics 2018. It makes the people thinking that we are going to run out of energy. This results to make us pessimistic in order to dispossess us better. Someone, who believes that man cannot grow, is a potential finance’s sucker, because he will not even rebel, believing in animal natural selection, which is also promoted by finance.

Now our creative reason should be transmitted through education. Indeed, it separates us from the animal. It also allows us work’s economy, to raise ourselves as scientists. Scientific reflection consists in checking hypotheses, through a truth’s research, for fulfillment by general interest, according to Confucius.

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