What is an Exoplanet ?
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Article published on 2 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

We can now detect planets that revolve around stars, because our instruments can separate the light received from stars. We find some light’s lack.

We often hear about new discovered exoplanets. Our sun is a star and our planet revolves around it. So an exoplanet revolves around a star other than the sun. Exo means exotic.

We told that our planet was the only one that revolves around the sun because the earth should be ejected from its attraction from the sun normally. But we had forgotten that galaxies should also eject the stars on their edges. So it seems that our solar system lives just like galaxies live.

To go to an exoplanet, we can use a nuclear engine that will then protect us from the sun. Indeed, the sun emits radiation that can kill life. We are protected from the sun because the earth is a magnet that gets out electromagnetic radiation from the sun, electromagnetic because it is charged with power. The earth’s magnetization also makes it possible to have a lot of air on its surface. This air is called the atmosphere.

Nuclear power therefore makes it possible to magnetize the spacecraft to get out the radiation from the sun. It also makes it possible to protect the spacecraft from its environment. The nuclear engine also makes it possible to go fast.

We can also gain speed going through a negative mass star. This is because electrons have a negative value. Just as electrons can have a negative value, mass can also be negative. Jean-Pierre Petit talks about this scientifically.

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