What is the Mind ?
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Article published on 4 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Every living being has a spirit. Plants have no mind. But each animal species also has a common mind to understand each other. The mind is that makes us understand same species’ another one.

The mind can only go towards one goal. This is that unifies body and mind. Each being achieves a goal in the allotted time to achieve it.

So you have a mind that is included in the human mind. We ’re saying in the human mind. We are a little telepathic to understand each other.

There is also a spirit that modifies living matter. It is called the holy spirit. This spirit acts to change the world if it goes wrong. It is believed that he allowed animals to grow.

The mind and the soul are linked as long as we are alive. When we die, our spirit will be transported next to our soul if we are righteous. Our human spirit will be abandoned to go into the God’s world. We will reborn in a new life with God.

My Notes

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