Economy is like Nature
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Article published on 2 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Nature is using more and more energy. We switched from softwoods, firs, to leaf and flower trees because the leaves capture more energy.

Also, fish, consuming little energy, have become amphibians. So they could go into the open air. Then amphibians became reptiles to stay on earth. Now mammals consume a lot of energy and can thus go into cold.

Our economy works on the same way. At the beginning we used biomass energy, fire. With fire, we can keep food longer. Then we used animal husbandry, then the water and wind’s energy.

Then we used the coal’s energy consuming more energy than fire. With coal we created the first trains. Then we used the oil one for major works. With thorium, that is nuclear creating a lot of energy, we could green the deserts.

Energy is not just for consumption. It is mainly used to grow country. When using dense energy, it’s about knowing what it can do. China is putting its thorium power plants in deserts to green them. Thorium power plants will make it possible to redirect rivers from the equator and the poles inland.

My Notes

Write about a global development project after watching the NAWAPA project.

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