What is Nuclear power ?
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Article published on 4 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

At first we irrigated the fields and used the animals. Then we built cities because irrigation allowed this. Indeed, the lands gave enough to create cities.

Then we became interested in how nature works, because we had time to do this in cities. It took us a long time to get interested in how the little one worked, because it was very mysterious to us.

We became interested in the very small at the time when we created the first manufactures, industries operating by hand. Indeed, mastering the very small allowed to have the best industries.

So we discovered the microscopic living nature without seeing it. We now know that atoms have immense energy when we break them. An atom has a nucleus. This is its nuclear part.

Breaking the atom’s nucleus requires large unstable atoms, nuclear waste from nature such as uranium and thorium.

But it takes even more energy to fusion together small atoms, hydrogen and helium. It provides even more energy. We would have limitless energy with this nuclear fusion.

My Notes

Watch a documentary about nuclear fusion.