What is a Wave ?
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Article published on 30 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

A air’s wave is like a sea’s wave that propagates in a vacuum. A wave is a regular change’s propagation in a medium. The waves are part of a field, i.e. a curved zone of influence.

There is emptiness everywhere. In this vacuum waves that we do not see change the matter’s behavior. It is believed that these waves come from another universe.

At first it was thought that waves propagated in matter, because the waves we observed shown this. Thus it was thought that universe was in matter, which was not the case.

During the nineteenth century, it was determined that light is both a wave and a particle, which means that a wave can be a particle.

Thus the wave is the smallest element that can exist. The wave materializes only when it becomes a particle. This phenomenon is not sufficiently understood.

EINSTEIN determined that there is no matter in universe’s dark. Thus gravity, which is not wave, propagates otherwise than by matter, by another universe for example.

My Notes

Compare waves to particle-waves.