What is a Spaceship ?
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Article published on 4 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

During the second world War, the Germans created rockets called V2 to bomb London. After the war, German researchers have been around the world to create the first rockets, the first human spaceships.

Today, the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans can create rockets with nuclear engines capable to go to Mars. Indeed, the sun emits radiation, waves, which can kill living beings. But the Earth’s magnetic field, i.e. a wave field created by the earth’s iron core, stops these radiations.

So nuclear engines make it possible to create a wave field to stop the radiation from the sun. Thus space travel is possible.

The United States military has already detected alien spacecraft on earth. These ships were going very fast, before we could create nuclear engines.

My Notes

Write about trips to Mars.