What is Life ?
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Article published on 4 May 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Only Jesus said why there was life. He said that we will be in God’s world after death if we are righteous.

It is because we do not know exactly why we are here that someones say that life should be a coincidence. This is a short-term vision that does not take into account the universe’s beauty.

Life was a coincidence for the first God only, since the universe is so ordered that someone or something organizes it.

Life is getting slower and slower the more we go towards the little one. So there should be infinite speed in remote areas. Life was born by chance to regulate the infinite speed.

The first God was actually born by chance, probably because of an infinite speed of the universe. Life is a miracle and allows you to finally contemplate the universe.

Life is about souls that make our world move to animate it. The universe is also alive just like plants.

The mind is the culmination of life. It allows you to become world’s aware. God has a spirit too. But it is possible that there were plants at the same time when the first God was created.

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Writing about life’s creation.